Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I took the stairs this morning

That's right, I took the stairs this morning...8 flights up. Significant? If you're claustrophobic and cannot take the elevator, yes...but this is not the meaning I am going for ;) See, I like to emanate optimism and positivity; almost two in the same and what I am talking about here is the difference it made to me by taking the stairs at work rather than the elevator. (Although, if you're a Steven Tyler fan such a myself; you might think you'll find love in an elevator).

Every day is a new opportunity to make better choices than you did the day before. This can be anything; as small as taking the stairs in the morning or as grand as helping a person in need. Making that "right" choice for you is important. Taking the stairs at work for me, was a right choice. It put me in such a great mood, and this just set off a domino effect for the rest of the day. I felt like I made a decision that was a "step" in the right direction. You can get such an adrenaline rush from making a choice that makes you happy, and this was one for me.

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Similar to the stairs at my office ;)

Since I was in such positive spirits, I felt like not only was I more productive at work, but I also had more clarity and this made me feel like I had all the answers - well...maybe not all the answers, haha. I mean, I am still blogging from my one bedroom apartment and not a three story condo sitting on a Miami water way with Manatee right at my fingertips. But the clarity I had was more than just answering questions of my co-workers, it was also answering questions from myself. Like, should I drink this protein shake instead of eating all of these gluten, processed, fatty laden girl scout cookies that every one is so proudly eating; or do I go a step beyond what I feel comfortable with and offer to take on a more challenging task than normal so others can catch a break today or just complete my own tasks at hand. You'll be happy to know that I did not give into the cookie monster that has so happily taken over my office. Although I do love to support children and their local fundraisers, I gladly gave away the ones I purchased. I was going to put a picture of cookie monster on here to show you I caught him in action, but He was just too fast. I was able to make the decision of not putting the processed junk in my body and also help out a co-worker who was feeling overwhelmed. In this instance, the choice I made this morning impacted another person in a positive way. I was happy to help, and this person was able to feel less stressed about the rest of their day. The rest of the day I made smarter choices. I ate a lot better, I was happier, I didn't feel as agitated and I stayed optimistic about the challenges that day brought on. These are very small examples of making what you think is the right choice that can promote a positive well being with you. When I am talking about making a choice of taking the stairs, I am also speaking metaphorically.

I want to share with you something that impacted me with an overwhelming sense of compassion. I hope that when you read these next few sentences that you can feel the deep emotion that has impacted the way I think tremendously. It was a few weeks ago at work - I worked in a different department in my company for about 6 months last year and became very close with one of my co-workers because of the way were able to work together -we worked side by side - and he actually respected my work and work ethic. He made me feel a lot smarter than I am. About six months ago, I was asked to join another part of my company, which I accepted, however, it meant that I would no longer be working with him or seeing one another on a regular basis. This was a lot more difficult than anticipated. Now even though I say we were close, it's not the "huggable" friendship you would imagine. Since I have been on the "other side" we are able to only occasionally say hello in passing and exchange a quick IM as we are both so incredibly busy. So a few weeks ago, I decided to stop by his desk to say hello and chat for a quick moment. I gave him a hug, we chatted for about 5 minutes and then I went back to my desk. A week passed and I didn't think anything of our brief encounter; but then he came to my desk and said: I just wanted to tell you that I really needed that hug you gave to me the other don't know how much that meant and it was so significant that I went home and told Emily about it. He went on to tell me that him and his fiance just lost someone and about other heart wrenching things - The hug that I gave him to say hello really moved him and uplifted his spirits that much because of the tumultuous time he had been having at home; this really moved me. It moved me to tears. Something that I did helped another human being without even questioning my motives. He was so thankful and just couldn't believe out of all the days, I chose that day to come and say hello.

A small or grand gesture that lends a positive light is always good for the soul. It's amazing what one choice that makes you happy can do for others and for yourself. When you are walking by someone, smile. You never know if they are moments away from hurting themselves. When you are walking through a door, hold it for the person behind you. You don't know how many doors have been shut in thier lives. When you see someone crying, don't just brush it off like they are looking for attention, hand them a tissue and smile. Just this simple gesture can let them know they are not alone. If someone is speeding behind you, let them go and just think - it could be someone they are trying to get to. So the next time life offers you to take the stairs or ride the elevator, make the better choice, for you - and for me.

I took the stairs this morning and will take them again tomorrow and the day after and the day after that. What about you?


Love and Wellness to all

Patti xox

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  1. No time for a longer comment this morning even though I have one. Thanks for this great post, Patti! Lots of wonderful insight and support for following our intuition and not questioning or minimizing or over-thinking ourselves out of the most meaningful moments in life. I hope today is as fulfilling as yesterday.