Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Stress Eating or Not?

Before I get started; just want to sincerely apologize for not blogging the past few weeks. Although things have been crazy and stressful, there isn't any reason that I cannot blog. The positive note is that it gave be the inspiration to write this one ;o)

So I know I use my office as an example for just about every blog, but I am there for most of my day. I am sitting there every day and it never fails I hear someone saying: "I am so stressed out, can someone PLEASE get me some CHOCOLATE." Or "I can't take it anymore, let's order some fried food." There is also the opposite such as myself, that turn away food when they are stressed, and just skip it altogether. Neither is a good choice and you are doing more harm to your body than you know.

The past few weeks have been extremely stressful between both jobs and home. I have found myself feeling very fatigued, easily agitated, and not hungry. You might be thinking that I am lucky that I don't "stress eat," but I'm not. Not at all. See I skip meals when I am feeling stressed and then when I am feeling better, I eat. Not only does it slow my metabolism, but it is also slowing my digestion process making me feel incredibly bloated and uncomfortable when I do decide to eat. I am thinking about how I am feeling right now...and I am miserable. I didn't each much all day because of the amount of stress my body felt like it was under. Everytime I felt a hunger pang and wanted to eat, I would immediately become nauseated and decide I couldn't eat. Thinking back on the day, and feeling as bloated and cranky as I do, I am wishing I could have pulled myself out of this slump. In the end, if I ever want to truly be healthy and be at a healthy weight, I need to ensure that I am doing whatever I can to make my body happy.

Whether it is stress eating or not eating when you are stressed, you need to find some way to ease your mind and body. If you are over eating, it's time to take a step back and ask yourself if you are truly hungry or if you're just trying to comfort yourself. Instead of reaching for the fried, greasy or sugary substances; try going for a quick walk. Take five minutes away and call your twin :) Or if you don't have a twin (as I usually assume everyone does), drink some water. Do anything that will take your mind off of food. This will be in the moment, but just say no. You're body will surely thank you for it. Now if you are on the opposite end of the spectrum, and you don't eat when you are stressed, you have to remember that you need to eat. Eat something small and something that will energize you, not bloat you and that you know agrees with your body. For me, I try to eat something like a handful of almonds, maybe a granola bar or a protein shake. It gives me the nutritional sustinance my body needs while also satisfying my hunger pangs without making me feel like I just ate a Thanksgiving meal.

Like I said, it's definitely in the moment. You have to stop and think; yes I need to eat something or no, I am not going to reach for that chocolate cookie. Today I did not stop and think in the moment which is why I am now writing this blog. I did not give myself time to react in the stressful environment and I made the wrong decision. And when I left work, I allowed myself to eat - and I ate what didn't agree with me. There isn't any way for me to undo what I did to myself today, but knowing what decisions I made today, I can look back tomorrow and make sure that I am making the decisions that I know my body will be thankful for. I have prepared my food for tomorrow so that I cannot come up with any excuses not to eat or not eating the right thing.

If there is anything that you can take away from this short post it is to make sure that you are thinking about your body first. If you are stressed and you can take the time to really notice what is going on - that you are not eating or you are eating too much - stop, take a breath and just think about what you are doing. Stress can take a big toll on your mind, body and spirit. You need to make yourself a priority and do whatever YOU can to make your body at ease.


Love and Wellness to all

Patti xox