Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Window Seat

Another post...not about food or exercise...

Some say that the eyes are the window to the soul. As I sit here looking out of the window on the 737, I see a capacious world beneath me and makes me believe it. Everything is still and it feels like we're frozen in time. I can see the horizon and it seems as if each layer of the earth is visible from my view. The contrast in colors are breathtaking and it makes you wish you were floating within these layers; the layers within the stratosphere, the space between you and the gravity that keeps you grounded to the earths floor. 

The turbulent air shakes me back to simple thought. I take a glance through the small rectangular window and see such an incredible full moon. The view from the sky is unlike any other I've seen. Its massive size makes it appear only a short distance away. The crimson colors and reflection from the sun make the clouds surrounding it glow like the reminiscent coals of a blazing fire. It lights up the earth below and I just bask in the beauty of the moon.

I notice another plane passing below at an incredible speed. Why does it feel like we're just suspended in air when this plane is zooming by at top notch speeds? It disappears into the clouds and leaves a translucent white trail behind it. I am left pondering if we are really moving...

As the plane banks slightly to the right and the nauseated feeling reminds me that we are in fact, moving, the magnificent moon disappears behind the wall of the plane. It's playing hide and seek with me between the two windows I am fortunate to have on this flight. My eyes fleet down to the twinkling lights below and the view never ceases to excite me. Among the vast spread of electric filled space are large areas of land that at night, look like a black abyss. I stare into the darkness with hope of finding some glimmer of light. And I do. If I look hard enough, I can see small dots of orange lights beaming up as if they're saying, "We're here, too!" They twinkle with every surge of electricity that is flowing through them. They remind me of the stars that shine above them and it makes me wonder if it's really just a reflection. 

Two hours into the flight I close my eyes and reminisce about the happy and peaceful thoughts that this view brings to me. Such a calm washes over my entire body. It's as if I am laying on the beach, the moonlight is reflecting in the water and all I can hear is the sound of the waves crashing as they come into shore and I can feel the wind softly blowing through my hair. I take a deep breath in and silently sigh. I fall asleep for a few minutes. The air gets a bit more turbulent waking me from a sleep that I am so thankful to experience undisturbed for that few moments. My eyes remain shut for a minute and I slowly open them. I look back out through the window and the sky is brighter than ever. The earth has moved along it's gravitational course so the moon appears higher and now has a white fluorescent glow. There isn't a cloud in the night sky as far as I can see. I close my eyes again and drift off to sleep to be woken up once again to the announcement that we have begun our decent into Bradley. I bring my seat back to the upright position and stare longingly out of plane wishing I could take this back with me in the car. I generally prefer the aisle seat on a flight; however, this upgrade to first class gave me an opportunity to explore the mystery of the outside world from within. A break from the inner torment of feeling like I don't belong up here with these folks. Being able to experience such a sight let my mind focus on other things aside from what I am eating, how I am dressed, how much I need to exercise. It's tranquil.

As we descend, those small twinkling lights that were barely visible are clearly defined into city street lamps and the windows in the house that look like a dreamy picture from a Christmas book. We approach the runway and I can finally see how fast we are really going. All the different colored lights on the runway blur together creating an image of a kaleidoscope. We slow down and start taxiing back to the gate. It has rained and all that is left to remind us are the puddles and steam reflecting in that beautiful moonlight. 

Maybe I will take the window seat more often :) 

Love and Wellness to all!


Patti xox