Friday, January 20, 2012

Sick and Tired? NO EXCUSE!

I too, have been pondering about what to post as my first blog - and then it hit me, like lightening.... *POOWWW* sorry, no sound effects or big show :) I am going to talk a minute about exercising and doing what you need to do to get "it" done while you are sick and tired. I have had bronchitis and some type head cold for a little over a week now, but this isn't any excuse for me to not exercise or eat right. Let's talk about exercising: While with bronchitis, it's not entirely logical to drag yourself through the frigid weather to the gym and exert yourself on the treadmill for an hour infecting everyone within a 5 foot radius; you can stay home and still get in a decent workout that is not too exhausting. The work out that I have been doing? Yoga. Light and modified until my lung capacity is back in full working order, but nonetheless, yoga. It is not just used for meditation - as people may believe :) It is a full body workout and very effective when it comes to weight loss.

Staying on track with eating right when you are sick can be tough - as I am sure most either do not have an appetite or have an appetite for destruction! It is very important to make sure that your body is nutritionally satisfied; so what have I been doing you ask?! Oh, you know...eating Chinese food and ice cream every day. NOT. For breakfast I have been drinking a protein shake; one of the ready-to-drink protein shakes that you can get almost anywhere. I know my sister will agree when I say that Orgain sells the most amazing tasting protein that is highly nutritious - read the ingredients for yourself and taste it; I am sure you'll agree :) Lunch I have been eating soup. You have to be careful if you are buying pre-made soup as it can be extremely high in sodium. Trader Joe's or most health food stores will carry low sodium soups and broths. For dinner again, the soups or mashed sweet potatoes with a little drizzle of extra virgin Olive Oil, Himalayan salt (not iodized or kosher), and some type of protein. And of course a ton of fruits to boost my immunity.

This has been my routine for the past week and a goes to show that with a little effort and thought, being sick and tired will come to mean being healthy and invigorated.

Twinspiration -

Wellness to all!

- Patti xox


  1. I do like the Orgain, but i love the MIX 1 all natural protein shakes. They have less calories and are a better alternative as a post-workout recovery drink... and you'll eat less at your next meal!

  2. Great advice! Thanks for the inspiration times two. I hope the bronchitis has taken the hint and hit the road with all the good immunity boosting. I look forward to your future posts and some more twinspiration. SUCH a great name for your blog.