Tuesday, October 29, 2013

That did NOT hit the spot

Hello again! Two blogs...two nights...what is this world coming to?! I don't have much to do aside from working and writing. One of these things I am extraordinarily passionate about and the other? We won't discuss that ;)

Tonight, I want to write about my dissatisfaction with room service. Woahhhh, wait a minute...that sounds utterly ridiculous so let me re-phrase. I am disappointed in myself for trusting what I was told regarding what I ordered. And this is where you need to trust your instincts.

I picked up the phone and called for room service and almost immediately I regretted the decision. As soon as I worked up the courage to hang up, as they can see who is calling, someone picked up. I ordered fish tacos with a side house salad, no dressing. Easy, right? Wrong. I asked if the tacos were on corn or flour tortillas and if the fish was battered or grilled. And was told that the fish was grilled with onions, cilantro (YUM) and sprouts and that the tortillas were corn. Yippee!!! I am on the phone with my boyfriend until I hear a knock at the door. I look through the peep hole on my tip toes and see that it is room service. I open the door, sign the receipt and take the food to my desk. I take the cover off of the plate and just stare at it. This is not what I ordered. First of all, the fish was fried and battered...yuck. Secondly, they were on flour tortillas and wait for it - it came with french fries! I mean, you would have thought I was speaking a different language when I ordered, or it was my inner 500lb fat kid ordering and I was unconscious when this all went down. She should have sent up the double chocolate lava layer cake with it. (I think I just gained 10lbs just thinking about it). Okay, I understand that I shouldn't be so angry, but $18.58 later and there isn't a thing on this plate that I can eat or want to eat, it is a complete waste because even if I had called back down to have it re-done, they would have still thrown this entire plate away. :( So I will eat a granola bar and drink some water and the yummy coffee that I got from Starbucks on my way back to the hotel. If it wasn't for taking the wrong turn this morning trying to find the office, I wouldn't have my yummy, warm coffee next to me. That did not hit the spot.

Keeping it short tonight, but wanted to share with you another adventure in this experience.


Love and Wellness to All

Patti xox

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